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Happy Holidays to all language learners!

The staff of wishes you all the best during these holidays!



Phonetic converters got faster on

We have updated the algorithm of our phonetic translators on Now they work faster.



Phonetic converters on as Pronunciation Dictionary

The number of audio recordings on reached 84,800.

Available languages: American English, British English, French, Mexican Spanish, Chinese, Russian.



English translations added in Japanese kanji to romaji converter

There's an update in Japanese kanji converter. Now, after you submit Japanese text, you may click on any word to see its English translation. The translations are provided by JMdict/EDICT.



American English pronunciation course released

We are happy to announce the release of the course American English Pronunciation for University Students.

The course includes 3,700 carefully selected English words and 300 common phrases.

In order to help you improve your listening skills, we took the audio from the course and created an online listening quiz for American English. The beginner level (1,200 words) is completely free, so you can use it to practice!



Audio and video recordings added in English IPA translator

There is a new feature in English phonetic translator. After you submit your text, you will see audio and video icons near some words. Click on the audio icon to listen to the audio recording of a native speaker pronouncing this word. Click on the video icon to watch the video.



Pronunciation videos added to IPA chart for American English

English pronunciation videos are added for English sounds on the website These videos show the correct pronunciation of all the English words from the IPA chart for American English. Now you can click any word in this chart to watch a video of a native speaker pronouncing this word!

All these words are part of the upcoming American English pronunciation course.

If you like it, please share the link with your friends.



Online Listening Quizzes for French and Russian

I created online listening quizzes so you could practice your listening skills and learn International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols at the same time. They are fully compatible with mobile devices.


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