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How this site can help you learn a foreign language?

A person who starts learning a foreign language is often overwhelmed by the quantity of learning materials: textbooks, multimedia-courses, video courses... Some of them may be quite expensive – several hundred dollars. The advertisement promises that you will start speaking the language in two weeks, but is it true? Are these courses always worth the money?

Project Modelino will help you:

1. Start learning a foreign language quickly and efficiently

On my site in the section "How to learn a language?" you will find my article "A Complete Guide to Language Learning". It is written for beginners and covers the following topics:

  • how to choose learning materials,
  • motivation,
  • the conditions you should learn a foreign language under, and
  • how to learn pronunciation.

2. Save your time and money

There are literally thousands of websites, where you can learn a foreign language for free. There are also a plenty of computer programs for language learning. A lot of them are also free. In our online catalog, you will easily find links to these sites and software. Why waste your time searching? Start learning!

The site also contains information about paid-for materials. Read the reviews and comments by our users, and you will be able to decide whether to buy them or not.

3. Convert text to phonetic transcription

Free online phonetic converters will help you learn pronunciation of foreign words.

4. Increase your vocabulary by watching movies in foreign languages

You can't watch movies online on this site, but instead you can use a unique online tool to create vocabulary lists for movies using subtitle files. See the latest vocabulary lists compiled by our users.

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You will NOT find here:

  • illegal links to download learning materials, movies or audiobooks in foreign languages,
  • torrent files,
  • ed2k-links.