Russian language - Text converters

On this page you will find a list of computer software that allows an automatic conversion of a text in Russian language to its phonetic transcription. Some of the programs listed below convert Russian text to phonetic transcription according to the standards of International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) (sometimes such software is called IPA translator or IPA converter), other programs use their own phonetic transcription system.

See also free online Russian text converters.

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  • Udaryatel - free software to add accents to Russian text: A handy tool that allows you to automatically add accents to Russian text. This is how it works. First, download the program (click on the link that says "Скачать Ударятель 1.06 бета, 1,8Мб"). Run the file and unzip its content to a folder on your computer. Run the file allforms.exe. In the main window click on "Для Digalo Николай", select a file with Russian text on your computer (the encoding should be "Cyrillic Windows 1251"), and click "Open". The program will create a new file where all the accented letters will be followed by "<" sign.