English language - Video lessons for beginners

On this page you will find links to online English video lessons with basic English phrases. Most of the video lessons listed below are perfect for beginners.

Usually there is either English transcript of the dialogues or English subtitles. English video lessons with transcript will help you learn most commonly used English words and English phrases and will improve your listening comprehension skills in English. On some of the sites you will find links to download video to your computer.

The full description and user reviews of some courses from the list below can be found on the page with all English video courses.

The difficulty level is indicated by color circles:

  • for beginner/elementary level,
  • for intermediate level – ,
  • for advanced learners – .

English dialects are indicated by a corresponding little flag:

  • – for American English,
  • – for British English,
  • – for Australian English,
  • – for Canadian English.

If you want to suggest an online resource for learning English, see the instructions here.