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On this page you will find a list of movies in Russian that you may use to learn and improve your Russian. You will not find links to download movies here, but instead there is some unique information that will help you a great deal in your studies of Russian language - it's our user reviews that will help you choose the best movies that suit your level. Such reviews are indicated by a little sign near the movie title. From these reviews you will find out:

  • which level of Russian is necessary in order to understand the movie: intermediate or advanced,
  • how fast the tempo of speech is,
  • whether the movie contains some specific vocabulary (slang, medical terms, etc.).

I invite YOU to write such review for your favorite Russian movie. This way you will help other Russian learners.

If you see a little sign near the movie title, that means that this movie has a vocabulary list compiled by one of our users. Learn how you can create your own vocabulary list online using subtitles file in 5 easy steps.

Be careful – not all movies and TV series from the list below are good learning materials to learn contemporary Russian language, especially if you are a beginner. In some movies you may find some old-fashioned words, phrases or grammatical constructions. You can watch such movies to immerse yourself in Russian culture.

As I mentioned before, on this site there is no direct links to download movies or watch movies online (with the exception of official versions of movies released by motion picture companies). Learn how to find movies.

Animated movies are indicated by a little penguin .

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