How to convert subtitles into plain text (remove timecode)

As you may know, subtitles in text format, such as srt subtitles, contain information about timecode. With timecode your media player will know when to display each subtitle. For example:

00:02:11,280 --> 00:02:14,716
Who wants to know?

While learning a foreign language by watching videos, you might want to remove this timecode from your subtitle file and convert it into a plain text. You can then upload this text on your mobile device or make a printout without consuming a ton of paper. Here are 2 easy ways to do it:

1. Install on your computer Subtitle Edit. Run the program, open your subtitle file ("File" -> "Open"). Then you can export your file into a plain text ("File" -> "Export" -> "Plain text..."). In "Export options" choose "Unbreak lines" and uncheck "Add new line after text". You can also choose the encoding of your text file. Click "Save as...", choose the destination folder and press "Save" button.

2. Install on your computer Subtitle Workshop - subtitle editing software. Run the program. Open your subtitle file ("File" -> "Load subtitle..."). Then you will have to convert it into a custom format. To do that choose "File" -> "Save as...". In the opened window click on "Custom format" (button below). In the next window delete the text in the right text field (it starts with "** Copyright © 2002 URUSoft"). In the same text field paste the following lines:


Click on "Save!" button. Enter the file name you want and click "Save". That's it! Now you can: