Chinese video courses

On this page you will find a list of Chinese video courses (video lessons). To see the details and user reviews on a particular course, click on its title. You can watch online some of the courses listed below. Links to official sites of these courses are indicated by a little icon . Sometimes you can even download video to your computer.

Most of the courses from the list have either Chinese transcript of the dialogues or Chinese subtitles. Some dialogues come with English translation. Video lessons with transcript will help you improve your listening comprehension skills in Chinese.

The difficulty level is indicated by color circles:

  • for beginner/elementary level,
  • for intermediate level – ,
  • for advanced learners – .

Courses that can be used for learning pronunciation are indicated by a little sign .

Animated courses are indicated by a little penguin .

Chinese dialects are indicated by a corresponding little flag:

  • – for Mandarin Chinese,
  • – for Cantonese.

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Title Dialect Level Link
Chinese Multimedia
Communicate in Chinese
Conversational Chinese 301
Easy Chinese
Growing up with Chinese
Happpy Beijing - Practical Chinese Conversation
Happy China - Happy Journey Across China
Happy Chinese S1 Daily Life Chinese
Happy Chinese S2 Tourist Chinese
Hello Beijing
Le chinois au quotidien
Le chinois en voyage
Little Pim - Mandarin Chinese - Volume I
Multimedia Role Play for Chinese
Multimedia Spoken Chinese
New Practical Chinese Reader 1-4
Real Chinese
Travel in Chinese
Учимся китайскому языку

Total number of video courses - 19