Where to find movies and video courses of foreign languages?

As you might have noticed, there is no direct download links for movies or video courses on this site. There is a simple reason for that – it's illegal. Nevertheless the movies and video courses are the best materials to learn a foreign language and you will need to know how to find them.

Legal ways in all countries

  1. Buy a DVD – support the people who create movies and video courses! The price of a DVD with old movies is not that high, but make sure that the DVD contains the original movie soundtrack. Don't worry if your disk doesn't have subtitles in the original language. Some software, such as Media Player Classic, allows to watch a DVD with external subtitles. So, for example, you can find subtitles in an online subtitles database, such as opensubtitles.org, and watch your DVD with these subtitles.
  2. Use DVD rental services or public libraries. Some cultural centers in big cities have a large collection of movies in foreign languages. Check it out with the embassy of the country which language you learn.
  3. Exchange with your friends. Find people who learn the same language as you.

Illegal ways in some countries

  1. Use peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing.
  2. Sometimes you can find direct links to download movies or video courses on Internet forums. Use search engines such as Google to find this kind of forums.