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The site was moved to another hosting

I moved the site recently to another hosting. The server is faster so I hope it will improve your experience.



French pronunciation course for beginners released

I am very glad to announce the release of the video course French pronunciation for beginners.



Follow me on Google+

From now on, I will announce small updates concerning the phonetic transcription translators on my Google+ page.



A new article on language learning

I published a new article on language learning. The main topic I am covering is how computer games can help you learn a foreign language.



Updates in Chinese pinyin translator

There was a lot of updates in Chinese pinyin translator: support for Cantonese pronunciations, hand-writing worksheet generator, integrated Chinese-English dictionary.



An open-source project spanish-pronunciation-rules-php launched

I would like to localize the Spanish phonetic converter for different Spanish dialects. This task requires a lot of time, effort and a good understanding of the subject. So I need the help of the community. Therefore, I decided to publish a part of the code of my converter under GNU General Public License. The project is available on GitHub:


From now on everybody who wants to contribute to the converter's algorithm is free to do so. More information here.



Updates in IPA phonetic transcription converters

There are small updates in the phonetic converters that I hope will improve your experience on this site. More information here.



Phonetic subtitle converters for Italian and Spanish released

Now the site has two more subtitle converters:


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